How to Make Friends during day-to-day College Life

School goes on for years though, and people often want to know how to make friends during the rest of their time there. Below are my thoughts on how to do that.

Check out articles on making friends

The first few weeks of school are a unique situation. For day-to-day college life I think you can get a lot from reading my regular articles on making friends. Some of them are:

There really are tons of ways to meet people in university

The general advice in the articles above will tell you most of the general principles you need to know. One thing that makes university stand out is that there are so many opportunities to meet people. As I mentioned at the start of the article, some people have trouble forming a social life because no one ever really spelled out the process of making friends to them. They may think it's something that just happens. If someone doesn't have a lot of friends they may hole up in their room, try to hide their loneliness from the world, and feel sorry for themselves wondering why a social life hasn't 'happened' for them.
Once they learn that making friends is a more active process that they have to take charge of, there are a lot of options for a college student where they can get started:
  • The people on your floor in residence. Or if you live with roommates, people you can meet through them... or you could just start hanging out with your roommates more if you don't already.
  • People in your classes. You may automatically meet some people by getting assigned to do group work with them, but you can meet others just by chatting to them before or after class, or during breaks. This isn't a weird thing to do at all.
  • Clubs, student associations, and hobby groups. Most campuses have dozens and dozens of these. You can always try getting into a new hobby too. You don't lose anything by testing some of these out either. If you don't meet anyone there, just stop going.
  • Classes that are held off-campus, but nearby, and which mainly cater to students (e.g., dance lessons)
  • Joining a fraternity or sorority. This is a great way to meet people, though it's obviously a bigger decision and not for everyone. Fraternities and sororities are more of a factor in the U.S. than other countries. They get somewhat of a bad rap for being a place where people 'buy their friends', and for being full of obnoxious Bros or catty, dramatic princesses. However, there are different types of fraternities or sororities, and not all of them are full of douchey party animal stereotypes.
  • Sports teams
  • Volunteering at the student newspaper, radio station, or for a student association. Any skills you have that could be put to use? Are you a decent artist that could draw posters for an association's events? Could you design a club's web page?
  • Typical student part-time jobs are another good way to meet people your age.
  • Through placements and internships.
Basically, there are lots of ways someone could have trouble making friends in school, but having a lack of places to meet people isn't one of them.

Don't use your school work as an excuse to not have a life

Some majors really do pile on the readings and labs and assignments. Some fields also promote the idea that the only way to succeed is to be a robot that does nothing but study. I think some people recognize that they have social problems but decide to throw their hat in with the idea that they're making a noble sacrifice by doing school work all the time. Of course I don't think this is the way to go. If you manage your time and priorities well you should have some time left over for socializing even in the most intense majors. Not to mention that spending time with friends can be a great way to recharge and refresh yourself.