How To Meet People Online

This method still has a bit of an outdated stigma attached to it, but pretty much everyone does it at some point. If you're already online a lot you may as well take advantage of it to make some friends.

  • You could use a site like Craigslist as a bulletin board and advertise for a running buddy or to announce a club you're organizing.
  • You could go on a site like, etc to find people interested in the same things as you.
  • Some people use online dating sites to look for friends. In their profile they'll say something like how they're new in town and are just looking for people to hang out with, not to date.
  • On forums related to things like music or bands you can announce you're going to a certain event and put out an invitation for anyone else who's coming to meet up with you.
  • You can meet up with people from a website you frequent in real life. Discussion forums often arrange local meet ups. Other types of conversation-oriented sites do the same thing (e.g., social news sites like, large blogs with active communities).
One issue with meeting possible friends through sites where the members have time to build a presence for themselves is that sometimes people portray themselves a certain way online, and come across totally differently in real life (whether intentionally or not). This can lead to disappointment on either end. Sometimes you'll be disappointed in the people you meet. At other times it's you 's doing the disappointing. The latter can be quite the knock to your self-esteem. Be aware of this, especially if you tend to come off as awkward in real life, but are confident when you're behind a keyboard.